How To Cook Fish tacos Without Equal

The Recipe For Making Fish tacos.

Fish tacos You can make Fish tacos using 7 ingredients in 3 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Fish tacos

  1. Insert of ocean perch.
  2. Insert of Zattarans Fish coating.
  3. Prepare of flour tortillas.
  4. Prepare of curtido or coleslaw.
  5. Prepare of spicy salsa verde.
  6. Fill of sour cream.
  7. Add of vegetable oil.

Step By Step To Make Fish tacos

  1. Coat the fish as directed on the box. Fry until crispy and golden..
  2. Once all the fish is fried, warm the tortillas right over the burner or in a skillet whichever you prefer..
  3. Spread some sour cream over the tortilla. Place a piece of fish in the tortilla, spread a thin layer of the salsa verde on the fish. Add the curtido, or coleslaw on top. Serve with some arroz con gandules and enjoy..

That's how to make Fish tacos Recipe.

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